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About The Journey

the road ahead...

Beyond modern ‘superficial spirituality’ there lies the true life of a Christian.  A life characterized by the Holy Spirit who dwells within.  A life characterized by the absolute truth, Jesus Christ.  God has given his son Jesus for us to live it and has provided his word, the Bible, so that we may have guidance and understanding along the way.  For a Christian, this life is The Journey – Venturing In The Abundant Life of Christ.

Somewhere within each of us there is deep desire to be part of something bigger than we are.  My desire is to study and share the word of God to folks whom He leads to listen.  I have not arrived at the end of this “Journey”; I am simply learning along the way.  As I learn I desire to teach.  I believe this process helps any believer in their spiritual growth as a Christian.  Still waters have a way of becoming stagnate and unhealthy if you know what I mean.

I hope that you will find “The Journey” rewarding to your walk with the Lord and refreshing to the Holy Spirit who dwells within you.

In Christ, 

Tony Quist

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