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::Devotional:: ‘Bitterness Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’

January 12, 2011

Satan’s crafty.  There’s no two ways about that.  He’s always trying to convince me that I’m “owed” something; that I deserve something.  Many times he points out what I’m owed that others haven’t given.  Does he do that to anyone else?

Bitterness is in the eye of the beholder because they are the only one keeping a tally on who’s offended them or who’s failed to meet their expectations.  It’s certainly not in the eye of the person the bitterness is targeted towards is it?

Recently I’ve been dealing with some bitterness towards someone who didn’t meet my expectations and didn’t treat me the way I felt I was owed.  Satan has been convincing me that I have a right to be upset with them, to be cold with them, to be distant with them just because I felt I deserved something more from them.  I’m ashamed to say I traveled a ways down that road too.  That is until this morning.

See, the problem with bitterness is that it’s an emotion and Satan is a master of manipulation when it comes to emotions.  I’m learning more and more as a believer that my emotions should not be the motivation for my actions.  More often than not we are called to act in accordance with God’s word against the emotions we may be feeling.  As I worked through this issue in my prayer journal this morning the Lord reminded me that since bitterness is in the eye of the beholder, my eye, I have the opportunity to get rid of it.  How?  Through forgiveness.

I was reminded that God’s word says we are to do everything we can to maintain unity in the body of Christ and fend off things like bitterness and strife that can cause division.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.  Ephesians 4:3

There was only one person keeping tally of this person’s actions and adding to the bitterness I had towards them, me.  Therefore, I went before the Lord and forgave this person and confessed my sin of harboring bitterness against them because in the long run I desire fellowship with the Lord and with this person more than anything else.

Does my experience hit close to home with you?  Is there someone you are making an effort to be bitter against?  Are you keeping a tally of how many times they don’t treat you the way you feel you are owed?  If so, realize that Satan is attacking you and drawing you further and further away from the Lord and further away from that person.  You have the opportunity to make a choice this morning; continue under the bondage of bitterness or be liberated by the power of forgiveness.  Make the right move.

-Stay Rooted Col. 2:7-

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  1. Pat Turner permalink
    January 12, 2011 1:17 pm

    It is easy to get bitter against other people makes you want to take revenge against them. God will take care of the other person and the one who has the bitterness.

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