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::Devotional:: ‘Results from Your Moment of Truth’

August 12, 2009

Several weeks ago my wife and I were talking about things we wanted out of life as part of a response to a Bible study on marriage by Chip Ingram.  One thing that came to my mind, sitting there on our couch, was that I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself and that I wanted my life to have an impact.  I wanted my life to count in the cause for Christ.  Not because I want the glory, but because I want to fulfill my creator’s design plan for me.  Maybe I’m a little ambitious, but that’s my heart.  Regardless of our level desire to make an impact in life, we must realize that our lives make an impact somewhere and with someone each day.  

We live our lives in somewhat of a ripple effect, like throwing a stone in a pond.  We create ripples that affect other people and they create ripples that affect us.  In the midst of it all we find ourselves faced with moments of truth where our actions will testify about our beliefs.  When we come to our moments of truth, acting in faith has a tremendous impact on our own life and the lives of those around us.

Your moment of truth can change you and others around you for eternity; trust and obey!

Yesterday we looked at how the Lord provided confirmation for Ananias by explaining a little about his plan and purpose for Paul, which occurred before Ananias acted.  But was that it?  After his obedience to the Lord, was everything said and done?  Hardly.  I mean Paul was healed, Ananias was obedient, and that’s where the ripples end right?  Hardly.  We should consider some of the things that happened immediately after Ananias acted in obedience.

The Lord provided Affirmation:

Affirmation is the act of declaring the truth of something.  The Lord declared the following truths in the situation:

  • To Ananias – It is true, I the Lord can be trusted
  • To Paul – It is true, I the Lord am faithful to my promises; you were blind but just as I have said, now you can see
  • To the disciples – It is true, I the Lord can change the hearts of men, even men like Paul
  • To us as believers – It is true, I the Lord am worthy of your obedience

Ananias was changed forever from that moment of truth.  I’m sure he faced other moments like that in life and each one built on the confirmation and affirmation of the one before it.  That’s how we grow in our faith as believers.  We are tested with moments of truth, we act in faith and obedience, and we experience God.  One of my favorite quotes from the Experiencing God Bible study that I am doing right now says

The previous level of your walk with God will not be adequate for the new work God wants to do through you.  Each new command of Jesus will require a fresh knowledge and understanding of Him.

Also, because of Ananias’ moment of truth, Paul was changed forever.  The people he came in contact with and wrote to were changed forever.  You and I have been directly affected from Ananias’ one moment of truth in Acts 9.  Every time we read the truths of the Lord contained in Paul’s letters and apply them to our lives we can look back at Ananias and know that his moment of truth has changed us for eternity.  The ripples from that one decision continue to stretch out across many many lives.

We need to be diligent in preparation for our moments of truth.  We must be in the word, we must pray, and when the time comes we must act in faith.  I encourage you to prepare and be ready for your moment of truth, it may come today.

-Stay Rooted Col. 2:7-

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